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Allison Ford Art
Allison hails from South Carolina. "I am primarily an abstract artist with a love for mixed media design and collage work. I focus on painting how I feel and am inspired by organic shapes, nature, and bright colors."
A White Hare Designs
Amy Sullivan Weishaar has always been a student of the Arts. She is often found with a brush, crayon or pencil in her hand. Amy studied many different types of art mediums (watercolors, acrylics, oils and Auto Cad) at Abington Art Center in Abington Pa., The Mint Museum Charlotte NC, CPCC, and at The Town of Cornelius Art Center.
Angie the Rose
Angela Barker from Greensboro, NC uses bright colors to express the micro universe that resides in us all.
Barbra Mann Myers Fine Art
A native of Newport News, VA, Barbra paints both abstract and landscapes. She welcomes commissions!
Charlotte Foust
I choose to create non-objective paintings because I find the creative process to be honest and satisfying. A single mark or line on a blank surface provides a starting point for an intuitive exploration of the visual language found in abstraction. Working in mixed media: graphite, acrylic and collage, allows me to layer and rework textured surfaces – with each painting resulting in a delightful discovery of things unseen.
Cindy Wagner Fine Art
Cindy's landscapes come to life capturing the play of light on the water and land.
Diane Larson
A Sailor and an Artist, it’s all about the water, what a life!
Elizabeth Hickman Art
Elizabeth, who resides in Georgia, has always been a creative, but an injury lead her a career change as a full-time artist.
Emily Ryan Smith
"Painting is my medium for finding spiritual connection."
Eva Crawford
"Color and texture infuse all my subject matter with light that dances across the surface of my works, whether they are faces, skies or chairs."
Gina Jilian
"I draw and paint things that make me happy, and I hope they make my clients happy, too. I create both abstract and figurative works which exercises both sides of the brain."
Gina Strumpf
Gina's work is best described as an American modern impressionist, she is best known for her 'International Rainy Day Cityscapes'. Her paintings are rich in color, mood and spirit.... there is an inherent warmth and quality to her work that pulls the viewer in and won't let them go.
Jeanie Mauney
Jeanie Mauney is a local artist in Charlotte, NC. She has a love and passion for color that reflects well in her work. Her abstract style of painting allows her to show the contrast and blending of rich colors in the same time giving life to her subject. She has a talent for painting animals and giving character to each piece she creates. Her use of palette knife techniques gives her paintings texture and depth that is distinctly recognizable.
Jonay Di Ragno
The artistic discourse of Jonay Di Ragno is intimacy and suggestive. His artistic pallet concentrates and re-defines expanding nuances. He constructs structural harmonies. His aesthetic reflection is a free chromatic reference to human conscience. He has compositional simplicity and direct allusion to the original purity of the human spirit.
Judy Hintz Cox
I am interested in conveying spaciousness. I believe there is infinite space with in each of us. It is that place of stillness which brings joy.
Kathy Weiss Art
Kathy discovered watercolor and picked up the brush for the first time in 2013 after she and her husband moved to NC. “I literally had no idea how pigment and water could combine to create such beauty. I was hooked.”
Kellie Lawler Art
Inspired by structured design, patterns and textiles mixed with Picasso-style boldness, Kellie developed a continuous line technique to create a graphic perspective on human figures, nature and other subjects. This process offers both the recklessness in creating a subject in one line with no worries about proportion, perfection, and controlled hard edge painting.
Lindsay H Jones Art
Lindsay is a Charlotte based artist who has studied modern landscape and abstract painting at The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria VA, The Carlton Gallery in Banner Elk NC and, most recently, at Braitman Studios in Charlotte NC.
Lisa Scarber Art
Abstract with a very respectful nod to Impressionism is where I find my deepest joy. For me, art expresses the raw of everything. Raw in nature, in objects, places, light, faces and it is always perfect because it is real.
Mary Zio
I like to describe myself as a contemporary, abstract expressionist. With infinite appreciation for artists who work in realism, I choose to work in a style unbound by the rules of realism. Abstract art, to me, is freedom.
Meaghan Keeley
"My passion is experimenting with oils, resin, plaster, encaustic, charcoal, acrylics and pastels on canvas, paper and wood."
Mia Malcolm Studio
Charlotte interiors and furniture designer as well as accomplished artist, Mia is a rare talent! Contact her for commissions!
Pam Hacker Fine Art
As a professional watercolorist and interior designer, her strengths lie within creating art that holistically considers the space in which it could be displayed.
Rose Kennedy Fine Art
"Plein air painting, in particular, is a joy, and I was honored to participate for two consecutive years in the Piedmont Plein Air Paintout, a juried event in High Point, North Carolina. I have painted in a number of plein air events, and paint regularly both studio and en plein air."
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Mia Malcolm Studio

Charlotte interiors and furniture designer as well as accomplished artist, Mia is a rare talent! Contact her for commissions!

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